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NAME: Millie Neal FLAVOR: Cherry MEMBER SINCE: 2016 PRO MOVE: Selfie APPLICATIONS/MIN: 16 BIO Hi fans!! I’m Millie (as you know). I double checked this morning and I am the most watched profissional lip balm user influencer on social media today. For Today’s post, I promised myself to take you behind the scenes so you can see-and-share for yourself the real Mille Neal. Waking up is the first thing. And like all things worth first it’s worth preparing so ALWAYS go to bed with makeup,hair, and bedroom prepped for that always a fan fav “I can’t believe you caught my waking up moment.” Love me! I got my big break when I decided to join the Pro Lip Balm User’s Assocation. #PLBUA As a member, I have a lifetime supply of my fav Cherry Lip balm. I literally can’t go a day without it. I tried once but my lips got totes toasted. How was I to know that your lips are literally the only part of your body that can’t suntan and ONLY burns? I literally cried my own real tears. #SPFCameInClutch Honestly, I think my openness to capturing the authenticity of my struggles that year, and my Cherry lip balms ability to pull me thru it, is what led me to where I am today. Thank you to the PLBUA for giving me the platform to show the world the real me. And thank you CHERRY LIP BALM. THANK YOU.

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