PLBUA "Ted Eous"

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I’m different. I’ve always known that. As a young boy I was told I was a remarkable young man… that I had more in common with the likes of pythagoras or Alan Turing. I use my lip balm the way it was intended. Professionally and unflavored. I have dedicated my life to SnugZ unflavored lip balm because it is made right here in the USA and even under extreme duress, exceeded even my most stringent testing standards (also because It doesn’t taste like anything I don’t like). I have been a professional lip balm user for 3 years, 8 months, and 26 days. My highly advanced cognitive skills and obsessive personality drew me to a life understood by only a select few but appreciated by employers across the globe. I fix things. I value perfection. I did not pursue entry into the exclusive ranks of the PLBUA, my reputation preceded me and I accepted. I am capable of much more than they could have imagined. -Ted

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